Pinch Post Moves: Shot Fake Crossover Drive Layup
By Hal Wissel

After catching the ball at the pinch post, make a front turn to the middle, pivoting on your inside foot. See the rim and your defender. Be a triple threat and a threat to shoot first. Make a drive step, keeping your weight on your pivot foot. After the drive step, you may read your defender’s position as having the lead foot forward and hand up on the side away from your drive step. If this occurs, make a crossover step past your defender’s lead foot while keeping your weight on your pivot foot.
Push a dribble out with your outside hand (the hand away from the defender) to create space past your defender. Keep your head up and eyes on the basket. Protect the ball with your inside hand and your body. Drive in a straight line, closing the gap between your body and the defender’s retreat step. Be aware that a help defender may leave a teammate to defend your layup. In this case, pass off to your open teammate. When going for the layup, pick the ball up in front of your shooting side knee with your shooting hand on top of the ball and with your non-shooting hand under the ball. Explode off your takeoff foot to elevate on your layup. Bring the ball straight up. Avoid swiveling the ball into your defender. Be strong as you shoot the layup, protecting the ball with two hands until release. Land in balance at the spot of your takeoff, and be ready to rebound the ball on a possible missed shot.

Shot Fake Crossover Drive