Pinch Post Moves: Shot Fake Crossover Drive Bank Jump Shot
By Hal Wissel

Pinch Post Shot Fake Crossover Drive Bank Jump Shot
This drill gives you practice making a crossover drive bank jump shot from the pinch post. Start at the block on the lane and toss the ball to the pinch post (elbow). Imagine that you are closely guarded and catch the ball with your back to the basket, while making a one-two stop landing on your inside (closest to middle) foot first. Make a front turn to the middle to see the rim and your defender. Be a triple threat and a threat to shoot first. Make an aggressive drive (jab) step, keeping your weight on your pivot foot.
    Make an aggressive shot fake to make your imaginary defender play you for a jump shot with his hand is up. Make a crossover step with your drive-step foot past the defender’s lead foot.  Create space away from your defender with a long dribble out with your outside hand. The ball must leave your hand before you lift your pivot foot off the floor or you will commit a traveling violation. Having your weight on your pivot foot during your drive step helps prevent traveling. Aim the dribble for a spot at a 45 degree angle with the backboard. Protect the ball with your inside hand and your body. When driving to your strong-hand side, make a jump stop behind the ball aligning your shooting-side knee with the ball. When driving to your weak-hand side, you have further to jump to align your shooting side knee with the ball; Make a second dribble (crossover dribble) to the front of your shooting-side knee.Pick up the ball in front of your shooting knee with your shooting hand on top of the ball and your non-shooting hand under the ball. Eliminate reaching for the ball and picking it up with your hands on the side of the ball, which leads to sidespin. Aim for the top near corner of the box on the backboard and shoot a bank jump shot. Land in balance at the spot of your takeoff, and be ready to get back on defense if the shot is missed. 

Pinch Post Shot Fake Crossover Drive Bank Jump Shot Drill