After you make a front turn and crossover step, your defender may anticipate your move to shoot a hook shot and jump in your path. If this occurs, you can fake a hook shot and counter with a spin-back power move. Dribble the ball between your knees as you reverse pivot (spin back) on the same foot that you used for your crossover step. Dribbling the ball between your knees protects the ball from a help defender trying to flick it away. Keep your weight on your pivot foot to avoid dragging it. Try to get your shoulders parallel to the backboard and get your defender on your back. Maintain a strong, balanced stance with your back straight and the ball protected in front of your forehead, away from your defender. Make a power move toward the basket, jumping off both feet. Aim the ball high above the box on the backboard. Shoot the ball with two hands, keeping your shoulders parallel to the board and without opening up on the shot. Land in balance, ready to rebound a possible miss with two hands. When you rebound a missed shot, use a power move to score. 

Front Turn Baseline Counter Spin Back Power Move