Low Post Moves: Drop-Step Baseline Power Move and Drop-Step Middle Hook
By Hal Wissel 

Catching the Ball in the Low Post

Use a jump stop, landing outside the lane and above the block. On the pro lane, land outside the lane and split the hash mark above the block. By catching the ball above the block, or splitting the hash mark above the pro lane, you will be able to shoot a bank shot after a front turn to the baseline. The feet land at the same time on a jump stop, enabling you to use either one as a pivot foot. To keep from stepping forward after the catch, land with your weight initially back on your heels. After the landing, transfer your weight forward to the balls of your feet to get the balance you need to react and make an offensive move. Use a wide base and flex your knees. Protect the ball by keeping it in front of your forehead with your elbows out. Be strong both physically and mentally. We like to say, “When you have the ball, you have the power.” Make sure that you read the position of your defender before making a move.

Low Post Drop-Step Baseline Power Move

After catching the ball in the low post and reading your defender’s position on the topside, make a ball fake to the middle by showing the ball above your shoulder. After the fake, move the ball to a protected position in front of your forehead with your elbows out. Drop-step to the baseline with your inside foot (the one closer to the backboard). As you make the drop step, keep your weight on your pivot foot to avoid dragging it. Try to get your shoulders parallel to the backboard and get your defender on your back. Maintain a strong, balanced stance with your back straight and the ball protected in front of your forehead, away from your defender. Fake a shot, and then make a power move toward the basket, jumping off both feet. Shoot the ball with two hands, keeping your shoulders parallel to the board and without opening up on the shot. Aim the ball high above the box. Land in balance and be ready to rebound the ball with two hands after a possible missed shot. Go up again with as many power moves as it takes to score. 

Drop Step Baseline Power Move


Low Post Drop Step Middle Hook

After catching the ball in the low post and reading your defender’s position on the baseline side, make a ball fake to the baseline by showing the ball above your shoulder. After the fake, drop-step to the middle with your outside foot (the one away from the backboard). As you make the drop-step, move the ball to hook shot position (also called lock-in position) with your shooting elbow at your side, your shooting hand under the ball and your balance hand behind and slightly on top of the ball. Hold the ball back, protecting it with your head and shoulders rather than leading with it. Pivot in toward the basket. Shoot a hook shot by lifting the ball to the basket in an ear-to-ear motion. Keep your non-shooting hand on the ball until release for protection. Use the trigger words “Lock-Step-Lift” from the start of the drop step until the release of the hook shot. Land in balance, ready to rebound a possible miss with two hands. Use two hands to catch the ball as it comes through the basket or to rebound on a missed shot. Treat a missed shot as a pass to yourself. After rebounding the ball on a missed shot score with a power move. 

Drop-Step Middle Hook