Developing Good Hands 

30 Sec. Workout Drill: Two Player Tandem Passing
By Hal Wissel

     This challenging, competitive, and fun drill is performed with a partner. The objective is to develop accuracy and confidence in chest passing while also developing quickness and agility.
     Stand 12 feet in front of a toss back. Your partner stands behind you. Starting in good passing position, make a chest pass as accurately as you can to the middle of the toss back and move laterally to your right, taking short, quick side steps without crossing your feet. Your partner catches the ball as it comes off the toss back and makes a chest pass before moving laterally to the right. After your partner passes, you should quickly move laterally to your left and behind your partner and catch the ball.
     Continue the drill in this manner, passing and moving laterally to your right and then to your left and behind the passer. You can modify this drill by moving laterally to the left after each pass. If a toss back is not available, use a wall. A good score is 25 passes in 30 seconds.

30 Sec. Basketball Workout Drill: Two Player Tandem Passing