Developing Good Hands 

30 Sec. Workout Drill: Rapid-Fire Overhead Pass and Catch 
By Hal Wissel

For this drill, you will pass to a toss back from a distance of only 5 feet. A wall can be used if a toss back is not available. This drill is excellent for developing good hands and the ability to catch the ball. The drill also helps you develop quickness, accuracy, and confidence in passing and catching using the overhead pass. Start in a balanced stance, 5 feet in front of a toss back. Hold the ball with two hands above your forehead, with your elbows in and flexed about 90 degrees. Do not bring the ball behind your head; if you begin with the ball behind your head, it may be stolen from behind and it takes longer to execute the pass, which may allow the ball to be intercepted. Quickly extend your back and arms, and flex your wrists and fingers to get maximum power. Release the ball off the first and second fingers of each hand. Follow through by pointing your fingers at the target, palms down. Using the overhead pass, pass the ball with as much force and accuracy as you can. Catch the return off the toss back with both hands above your head. Count the number of overhead passes made in 30 seconds. A good score is 45 passes in 30 seconds.

30 Sec. Workout Drill: Rapid-Fire Overhead Pass and Catch