30 Sec. Workout Drill: Catch and Shoot at Elbow
By Hal Wissel

30 Second Workout Drill: Jump Shot off Catch at Left Elbow
One objective of this drill is to develop your ability to catch and shoot in one motion with a quick release. Another objective is to develop your ability to start a jump shot in a balanced stance while facing the basket and land in balance after the shot. Start with the ball near the basket. Pass to your self by tossing the ball high so it bounces high at the left elbow of the court. Run outside the lane to the left elbow and quickly jump behind the ball, turning middle in to face the basket. Land in balance with a jump stop. Have your hands and feet ready with your hands above your shoulders and your knees slightly flexed. Catch the ball with your shooting hand high and facing the front of the rim. Catch and shoot in one motion. Your knees should lower just before the catch and extend upward on the catch in a quick rhythmical down-and-up motion. Recommended trigger words are Catch-Up! Your goal is to make five jump shots in 30 seconds. This is also a good conditioning drill. At the end of the drill make two free throws.

30 Second Workout Drill: Jump Shot off Catch at Left Elbow