Pinch Post Moves: Shot Fake Step-Through Leaner

By Hal Wissel

Pinch Post Shot Fake Step-Through Leaner
When your defender aggressively over plays you for a jump shot, you can counter with a step-through leaner. The pinch post shot fake step-through leaner drill gives you practice making this move. Start at the block on the lane and toss the ball to the pinch post (elbow). Imagine that you are closely guarded and catch the ball with your back to the basket, while making a one-two stop landing on your inside (closest to middle) foot first. Make a front turn to the middle to see the rim and your defender. Be in a triple threat stance to shoot, pass or drive and a threat to shoot first. Make an aggressive drive (jab) step, keeping your weight on your pivot foot. Imagine your defender is overly aggressively and over plays you for a jump shot with his hand up on the same side as your drive step. Step through with your drive step foot past the defender’s lead foot and move your head and shoulders under the defender’s arm. Protect the ball with your head and shoulders, moving it away from your defender’s reach. Lean in toward the basket, jump off both feet and shoot. This is called a leaner. Be strong. Expect to be fouled and complete the shot for a possible three-point play. Land in balance, ready to rebound a possible miss with two hands, and use a power move to score.

Pinch Post Shot Fake Step-Through Leaner Drill