Two Ball Dribble Drill
By Hal Wissel 

     Dribbling two balls is fun and will help you develop dribbling ability and confidence with each hand. If a ball gets away, keep dribbling with the other while you recover the stray ball.This drill has six parts: dribble together, alternate one up and one down, crossover, inside out, through the legs, and side pull forward and back. Each part includes dribbling two balls simultaneously. 

  1. Together. Dribble two basketballs below knee level simultaneously.
  2. Alternate one up and one down. Dribble two basketballs simultaneously so that one ball is up while the other is down
  3. Crossover. Switch the balls from one hand to the other by crossing them back and forth in front of you, keeping them low and close to your body. Mix how you make the changes rather than executing each crossover with the same hand going in front.
  4. Inside Out. An inside-out dribble is a fake change of direction. While dribbling two balls, start one ball inside, but then rotate your hand over the ball to dribble it outside your base on the same side. Perform the inside-out dribble alternating hands and then with both hands simultaneously.
  5. Through the Legs. Dribble one ball through the legs, then dribble the other ball through the legs. Next, dribble both balls through the legs, first dribbling both balls back to front and then dribbling both balls front to back.
  6. Side pull Forward and Back. Start by dribbling two balls, one on each side of your body. Then dribble them backward and forward by flexing your wrist and fingers in an action that is similar to pushing the balls back and forth.

 Two Ball Dribble Drill