Shooting off the dribble lead-up drills. These drills are good for shooting off the dribble when a basket is not available. When shooting a jump shot off the dribble pick the ball up in front of your shooting side knee with the shooting hand on top and your non-shooting (balance) hand under the ball. When your shooting hand is on top of the ball your shooting hand will face the rim when you raise the ball to shoot. By picking the ball up at your shooting side knee, you are able to change sideward momentum to upward momentum and jump straight up to shoot a jump shot, rather than floating to the side. It is easier for most players when dribbling to the strong-hand side. 

Errors in Shooting off the dribble. A major error in shooting off the dribble is caused by picking the ball up with your hands on the side of the ball. This leads to side spin, which causes the ball to circle out.
Another error is not picking the ball up at the shooting side knee, which leads to floating to the side, in or back resulting in misses to the side, long or short. 
Shooting Off Dribble Lead-up Drills