Moving Two Ball Dribble Drill
By Hal Wissel 

After dribbling two balls in a stationary position, you can now move on to the greater challenge of dribbling two balls while moving. The moving two ball dribble will help you improve your weak- and strong-hand dribbling ability and thus your confidence. This drill also has six parts: zigzag, attack and retreat, stop and go, change of pace, reverse, and fake reverse.

  1. Zigzag. Dribble two balls up the court in a zigzag manner; that is, dribbling diagonally to one side and then the other. Change direction by crossing both balls in front.
  2. Attack and retreat. Dribble two balls up the court using an attack and retreat; that is, dribbling forward and then back without crossing your feet. Alternate the lead foot each time you attack and retreat.
  3. Stop and go. Dribble two balls up the court using a stop-and-go dribble. Speed dribble by pushing both balls forward. Stop sharply, with your body under full control, and keep dribbling as you stop.
  4. Change of pace. Dribble two balls up the court while changing pace (speed to control and control to speed). Use imagination to add deception, accelerating at various speeds.
  5. Reverse. Dribble two balls while zigzagging up the court, changing direction by using a reverse pivot. Dribble both balls back to one side, then reverse pivot on your lead foot while pulling both balls close to where your body was before your reverse pivot.
  6. Fake reverse. Dribble two balls while zigzagging up the court. Before changing direction, use a fake reverse by dribbling both balls back to one side and turning your head and shoulders back. Then quickly turn your head and shoulders forward as you dribble both balls forward again.

 Moving Two Ball Dribble Drill