Dribble Cones Drill
By Hal Wissel 

Set up five cones: one at the baseline, one halfway between the baseline and half-court, one at half-court, one halfway between half-court and the opposite baseline, and one at the opposite baseline.

The drill has three parts: crossoverdribble, behind-the- back dribble, and retreat dribble and crossover. Dribble at full speed during each part of the drill.

  1. Crossover dribble. Start at the baseline cone. Dribble at full speed with your strong hand. After passing the second cone, make a crossover dribble and switch the ball to your weak hand. Speed dribble with your weak hand until you pass the next cone. Make a crossover dribble back to your strong hand. Continue in this manner to the opposite baseline. Turn and dribble back to the original cone, making a crossover dribble and switching hands as you pass each cone.
  2. Behind-the-back dribble. This part of the drill is executed the same way except that you make a full-speed behind-theback dribble after you pass each cone.
  3. Retreat dribble and crossover. Speed dribble to the first cone. Execute a retreat dribble, making at least three retreat dribbles back. Perform a crossover dribble, and then resume the speed dribble to the next cone.

 Dribble Cones Drill