Correcting Shots that Circle Out Due to Throwing Ball
By Dr. Hal Wissel

Correcting shots that circle out due to throwing ball are listed below, along with suggested trigger words to correct them. Trigger words are positive words, preferably one syllable words, that you associate with the correct mechanics of your shot and reinforce rhythm and confidence. 

Error:  Your shot is inconsistently short or long. Some players develop the bad habit of throwing the ball. Throwing the ball leads to a tendency to miss short due to an incomplete or inconsistent follow-through. Throwing the ball also leads to a tendency for a flat shot and miss long. 

Correction: Lift the ball rather than throwing it and hold your follow-through straight up until the ball reaches the basket. Suggested trigger words are “Front – Legs – Through!” or “Front – Lift – Through!”

Error: Your shot circles out due to throwing ball. Throwing the ball will have the natural tendency of causing your shooting hand to go the side of the ball with the result being sidespin unless you time the point of release when your hand is facing the rim. 

Correction: To prevent throwing ball set your shooting hand behind the ball so it faces the front of the basket. Start your shot high above your shooting side shoulder between your ear and shoulder. Emphasize keeping the ball front and lift the ball to the basket using the down and up motion of your legs for power. As your legs go up your arm goes up. They work together. This will lead to a shorter shooting stroke and a quicker release with less chance for error. Shoot with your arm wrist and fingers going straight toward the basket. Suggested trigger words are “Front – Legs – Through!” or “Front and Straight!” 

Correcting Shots that Circle Out Due to Throwing Ball

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