Correcting Shots that Circle Out Due to Non-Shooting Hand Thumbing Ball
By Dr. Hal Wissel

Correcting shots that circle out due to non-shooting hand thumbing ball is listed below, along with suggested trigger word to correct this. Trigger words are positive words, preferably one syllable words, that you associate with the correct mechanics of your shot and reinforce rhythm and confidence.

Error: Your shot circles out due to non-shooting hand thumbing ball.  

Correction: To prevent thumbing ball with the thumb of your non-shooting hand, place the the ring finger and little finger of your non-shooting hand under the ball. Position your non-shooting elbow out and your non-shooting thumb pointing at the basket. Squeeze the thumb and the index finger of the non-shooting hand together to help you to shoot the ball only with your shooting hand. Set your shooting hand behind the ball and facing the basket. Shoot with your hand and index finger pointing straight toward the basket. At first your shot may have a tendency to go to the left (right handed player) due to not getting the extra force from your non-shooting hand. You will learn to adjust by using more power from your legs and shooting hand.  Suggested trigger words are “One-Straight!”

Correcting Shots that Circle Out Due to Non-Shooting Hand Thumbing Ball

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