Correcting Basketball Shooting Errors
By Dr. Hal Wissel

Shooting errors are listed below followed by a correcting shooting errors video along with suggested trigger words to correct them. Trigger words are positive words, preferably one syllable words, that you associate with the correct mechanics of your shot and reinforce rhythm and confidence.

1. Shot is Short

2. Shot is Long

3. Shot is Inconsistently Short or Long

4. Shot Hits Right Rim (right-handed shot)

5. Shot Hits  Left Rim (right-handed shot)

6. Shot Lacks Range and Consistency (miss short, long or side)

7. Shot Circles Rim –  Side Spin

– Shooting Hand Rotates Out

– Shooting Hand Under Rotates

– Ball Shot Off Wrong Finger

– Shooting Hand Moves on Ball

– Thumbing

– Throwing

– Lowering

– Swiveling

8. Shot Looks Good But Still Miss.

– Ball on Palm

– Watching Flight of Ball

Correcting Basketball Shooting Errors