Ball Handling Warm-up
By Hal Wissel 

The ball handling warm-up drill consists of passing the ball from one hand to the other. There are six parts to the drill as follows:

  1. Over your head
  2. Around your head
  3. Around your waist
  4. Around one leg
  5. Around your other leg
  6. Figure eight through your legs

Start in a balanced stance with your head over your waist, and back straight. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, weight on the soles of your feet, and knees flexed. Keep your head up. Pass and catch the ball with your hands in relaxed hand shake position. Do not spread your thumb. With your thumb and fingers relaxed and your thumb spread comfortably, your hand will form a natural cup keeping the ball on your finger pads and off your palm. Passing off your finger pads imparts natural backspin and control to the ball. Not spreading your thumb relaxes your hand helping you to follow through. Pass the ball with force by flexing your wrist and fingers. To improve your weak hand, emphasize forcing your weak hand through the ball. Follow through completely on each pass pointing your fingers at your catching hand. Work for force and control, not just quickness.

On each part of the drill, pass the ball from five to ten times in one direction, and then reverse and pass the ball from five to ten times in the other direction.

Ball Handling Warm-up Drill