ISBN: 1878915045
2009   90 Minutes   DVD

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Great shooters are made, not born! Dr. Hal Wissel’s Basketball Shooting: Make Your Shot Automatic is a must-have DVD for any player who wants to become a pure shooter and for any coach who wants to improve his or her ability to coach shooters.

Filmed at one of Coach Wissel’s SHOOT IT BETTER Mini Camps for NBA players and prospects, the DVD features a series of innovative lead-up and challenge drills along with demonstrations of shooting errors and corrections. Dr. Wissel emphasizes confidence as the most important factor in being a great shooter. Players are not simply told to be confident, but shown how to foster their confidence through the use of positive self-talk and the use of key words that trigger correct mechanics, rhythm and range. Coach Wissel teaches players how to integrate the mental and mechanical aspects of shooting.

Correcting shooting errors are also demonstrated. Learn how to correct a missed shot and to always act like a shooter. Learn how to correct: a slow rhythm, not using legs, incomplete follow through, low arc, side rotation of shooting hand, ball shot off wrong finger, hand moving on ball, thumbing, lowering, swiveling, ball on palm and/ or watching the flight of ball. By watching the demonstrations in this DVD, players can recognize an error they may be making and learn how to correct it. Players will gain a better understanding of their own shot and learn how to become their own best coach.

Most basketball players want to improve their shooting. However, improving shooting skill takes daily, specific, measurable goal setting and correct practice. This DVD teaches shooters how to make their shot automatic by using lead-up drills and charting their improvement. Players learn how to shoot 1000 shots in one hour and make the most out of their allotted practice time.

Innovative lead-up drills include: one-hand warm-up, weak-hand warm-up, three finger warm-up, shooting drills without a basket, shooting from a chair, shooting off the catch with a quick release when open, and using a shot fake to create a shot when closely guarded. Learn to improve free throw shooting routine, relaxation, rhythm, concentration and confidence. Shooters are also taught how to Improve their sense of feel by using the eyes open – eyes closed free throw drill. Most importantly, these drills help shooters build their confidence to shoot under pressure, which is what separates a great shooter from a good shooter.

This DVD builds on Dr. Wissel’s first basketball shooting DVD Basketball Shooting: Confidence, Rhythm, and Mechanics with more detailed demonstrations of errors and corrections. Five additional innovative lead-up drills are added to the original ten lead-up drills.

• Confidence and Rhythm
• Integrating the Mental and Mechanical with Keywords
• Correcting Shooting Errors
     Shot is Short
     Shot is Long
     Shot Hits Right Rim
     Shot Hits Left Rim
     Shot Circles Rim – Side Spin
          – Shooting Hand Rotates Out
          – Shooting Hand Under Rotates
          – Ball Shot Off Wrong Finger
          – Shooting Hand Moves on Ball
          – Thumbing
          – Throwing
          – Lowering
          – Swiveling
     Shot Looks Good But Still Miss
          – Ball on Palm
          – Watching Flight of Ball
• Mentally Correcting Your Shot After a Miss
• Understanding Your Shot and Becoming Your Own Best Coach
• Goal Setting: Daily, Specific, Measurable
• Basketball Shooting Lead-up Drills
     Strong-Hand Shooting Warm-up
     Weak-Hand Shooting Warm-up
     Three-Finger Shooting Drill
     Jump Shot Warm-up
     Catch and Shoot Off Backboard
          – Front of Board
          – Side of Board
          – Point of Board
     Jump Shot Warm-up
     Catch and Shoot Jump Shot
          – Left Elbow
          – Right Elbow
• Additional Shooting Lead-up Drills
     Catch and Shoot Bank Jump Shot
          – Left Elbow
          – Right Elbow
     Shot Fake Jump Shot
          – Left Elbow
          – Right Elbow
     Free Throw Shooting
          – 100 Free Throws
          – Right Elbow

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Basketball Shooting: Make Your Shot Automatic