ISBN: 1878915053
2009 55 Minutes DVD

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Dr. Hal Wissel’s Basketball Shooting: Creating Your Shot Off the Dribble is a great DVD for players and coaches. Players will learn to create their shot of the dribble and coaches will learn to teach players moves and drills for shooting off the dribble.

Coach Wissel teaches players how to pick the ball up off the dribble using key words that trigger correct shooting mechanics. Key words of “Front and Top” are emphasized to promote picking the ball up in front of the shooting knee (preventing floating) with the shooting hand on top of the ball (fostering back spin). Coach Wissel also teaches players how to create space away from the defender when driving to the strong-hand side and weak-hand side.

Drills in Basketball Shooting: Creating Your Shot Off the Dribble include: shot fake jump shot, step-back jump shot, step-through leaner, drive middle jump shot, drive middle step-back jump shot, step back and drive, drive middle runner, drive middle reverse down lane hook, drive baseline jump shot, drive baseline step-back jump shot and drive baseline reverse middle hook. Drills to improve finishing with either hand include: reverse lay-up, hook and runner.

Players are also taught to chart their improvement using daily progress charts.

• Confidence and Rhythm
• Integrating the Mental and Mechanical with Keywords
• Goal Setting: Daily, Specific, Measurable
• Creating Your Shot Off the Dribble
• Picking the Ball Up Off the Dribble
• Creating Space and Pick Up Driving to Strong-Hand Side
• Creating Space and Pick Up Driving to Weak-Hand Side
• Off Dribble Moves From Elbow
     Shot Fake Jump Shot
     Crossover Step Drive Lay-up
     Back Crossover Drive Hook
     Step-Back Jump Shot
     Step-Through Leaner
     Drive Bank Jump Shot
     Drive Step-Back Jump Shot
• Off Dribble Moves From Wing
     Drive Middle Jump Shot
     Drive Middle Step-Back Jump Shot
     Drive Middle Step-Back Drive
     Drive Middle Runner
     Drive Middle Reverse Down Lane Hook
     Drive Baseline Jump Shot
     Drive Baseline Step-Back Jump Shot
     Drive Baseline Reverse Middle Jump Shot
• Off Dribble Moves From Corner
     Drive Middle Hook
     Drive Baseline Reverse Lay-up
• Speed Lay-up Drills
     Speed Lay-up
     Speed Reverse Lay-up
     Speed Back Crossover Hook
     Speed Runner

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Basketball Shooting: Creating Your Shot Off the Dribble