NBA Playoff Plays

2013 NBA Playoffs – First Round
BOS 1BOS 2  Boston CelticsBoston Celtics vs. New York Knicks. Elbow Set. Bigs 4 and 5 set up above each elbow. Wings 2 and 3 set up in corners.

Top Figure. Point Guard 1 passes to big 5 above elbow and cuts to the rim. If you have a bigger guard, first try to seal and post point guard 1. When post option is not a possibility, 1 set back pick for player 4 at weak-side elbow. Big 5 looks to pass to big 4 cutting to strong-side post.

Lower Figure. If big 4 is not open, big 5 dribbles at point guard 1 for dribble hand-off to point guard 1. After hand-off, player 5 cuts to weak-side post. Point guard 1 looks to shoot or penetrate and and score or pass (draw and kick) to open man.

 BKN Brooklyn Nets Bigs set staggered high picks to make the defense late on their help. Elbow Set. Point guard 1 (Deron Williams) cuts off screens set by bigs 4 and 5. Player 2 passes to 1. Player 3 sets up in weak-side corner. Big 5 sets cross screen for big 4. After 5 set pick he rolls to weak-side post. Big 4 cuts under 5 before setting step-up pick and pop for point guard 1 (Williams).
OK Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City vs. Houston Rockets. The Oklahoma City Thunder ran this play to create a mismatch with a big switched onto their best player Kevin Durrant. Box Set. Point guard 1 dribbles to the left wing, Big 4 pins down for Kevin Durrant. On the catch, player 3 screens down for big 5. Big 5 sets high pick for Durrant who creates space with dribble while 5 rolls to basket.