How Bad Do You Want It? by Hal Wissel

Do you want to become a basketball player? How bad do you want it? It is not uncommon to see those who have been born with great potential never come close to realizing that potential. Blessed with great natural ability, they have been content to make minor progress. They have known no restlessness or discontent and no burning inner desire to reach a dream. It has been said, there is nothing so common as unsuccessful people with potential.

You have been blessed with a mind, body and spirit to excel. To excel, however, takes drive, determination, and continuous effort. Those who excel continually drive themselves to the top. They produce and achieve many times more than others dream possible. Through great effort they make the most of the talent with which they have been blessed. How about you? Do you have the burning desire to improve, the self-discipline to practice on the court, make sacrifices off the court, and persevere through faith when things go wrong? Your personal qualities will control your success.

To become a champion, you must make it happen! It takes self-discipline to practice with intensity. Basketball is fun, but practice should be serious. Developing your skills will not be easy. Your progress in learning skills may be slow, and you may get discouraged. This is where perseverance is needed. Nothing worthwhile is ever gained easily. Those who keep working will make it to the top. You don’t start there. Some get there sooner, because they have more natural ability. Some with great natural ability will not make it at all, while others with less natural ability will, because they simply work harder. To be a champion takes extra effort and the will to never give up.