Catch and Shoot Off Screen.

Catch and Shoot Off Screen
By Hal Wissel

When cutting off a screen wait until the screen is set. Set up your defender by by faking away before cutting off the screen. You can cut to early, but not to late. If you cut early the screener may not be set and this will cause a foul on the screener. We like to say, “Go slow to fast!” Once you cut off the screen be quick. Have your hands and feet ready with your inside (far hand) facing the passer. Jump behind the ball, turning your body in to face the basket. Eliminate reaching for the ball as this slows your release and causes you to catch the ball with your hands on the side leading to side spin. Your knees should lower just before the catch and extend upward on the catch in a quick rhythmical down-and-up motion. As your legs go up your shooting arm goes up. Land in balance. Hold your follow-through until the ball reaches the basket.

Catch and Shoot Off Screen


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